5 Ideas to Stylize Your Garage’s Interior

After budgeting, planning, building, and clean up, you’re the proud owner of a new garage! Now that the project is complete, the fun of “tricking-out” your garage can begin. Here are our top recommendations on how to utilize and stylize your garage’s interior.

Stylized Interior Garage

Make it a Part-Time Rec Room

There are many do-it-yourself tutorials on Youtube to help you maximize your garage space. Consider installing a TV mount on the wall and some retractable tabletop space for football season entertaining. An old rug and some bean bag chairs can easily be stored in the corner of the garage, or, perhaps the rafters. Hop into your garage on a nice fall day and enjoy a tailgate-type rec room! Complete the look with a mini-fridge for the ultimate hang-out hub.

Seal the Floor

Most garage floors are concrete, which can be easy to maintain and clean. However, over time, concrete can crack or crumble, which can impact the integrity of your garage. Get ahead of this by investing in a garage floor epoxy. This could be a fun way to incorporate some pattern or color as well as to brighten up your garage space!

Add Color & Lighting

Speaking of color, if you have finished the interior of your garage with drywall, it may be the perfect space for a little creativity! Murals or even a bold statement color can add to the cool factor of your garage, especially if you plan to spend time in there for entertaining or working. Adding some additional overhead lighting may also help enhance the space and give it an extra pop, especially for late-night gatherings or projects.

Set Up a Nook Area for Projects

If you are someone that likes to be handy or crafty, the garage can be a great space to work and store supplies for these types of projects. Depending on size, pick a corner or an inlet of your garage and designate it as your workspace. Complete it with a desk or surface of some sort, storage for tools or craft materials, and extra lighting. You may also want to make sure you have access to electric outlets.

Blare the Tunes

If you can only do one cool thing to your garage, do this. Wisconsinites spend a lot of time outdoors throughout the year, even during the chilly months. Whether it’s spring cleaning, yard work, hosting a garage sale, shooting hoops with your teenager, enjoying the nice weather, or even shoveling snow. An amplified radio or music system will only make all of those moments more enjoyable! This can be done with an iPod and speaker dock, surround sound system, old school boom box, or even more old school with a record player. This is a simple update you can make to easily and instantly increase the pleasure of your garage.

There are so many ways to utilize and stylize your garage’s interior, but the most important thing is to make it your own.

If you are someone with a garage that is old, rundown, outdated, or non-existent, give us a call! J.D. Griffiths would love the opportunity to build your dream detached garage next summer!