DIY or 911?

Common Garage Service Needs and How to Best Tackle Them

Even for the seasoned homeowner with years of experience tinkering and tuning their house, a garage service or repair can seem a little foreign. A quick YouTube How-To search could walk you through practically any do-it-yourself home improvement project. So why call a service provider? In this article we share some of the common garage service needs that arise and provide you with recommendations on how to best handle them.

Garage Door Opener Failure

Hire a professional? It depends.

This is a common failure that occurs for automated garage opening systems that are outdated or not properly maintained. It’s one of the more unpredictable garage services that can occur. You could potentially solve the problem on your own with some basic research of parts and a little handiwork. If you can easily identify the issue with the system, a do-it-yourself approach is perfectly acceptable.

However, if by examining the system you are not able to take note of the exact problem, call for an inspection. A professional will be able to inspect the part, identify what is broken and recommend how to repair it. If an entirely new system is needed, they can recommend the latest mechanism, even if they don’t end up installing it for you.

By calling a professional when you reach a point of uncertainty, you will ensure that the problem is resolved in a safe and timely way. J.D. Griffiths services all parts that we sell, so if something breaks or stops working, we have the materials we need to conduct a swift repair.

Tracking, Cable, and Drum Repairs

Hire a professional? Yes.

The cable system of your garage performs a crucial role in how it opens and closes. Rusted or damaged cables and tracks create garage door opening and closing failures outside of your automated opening system. You could have a perfectly good opener in place but your garage will not function efficiently or safely if the tracking and cables are faulty. Additionally, the drum system could be damaged.

Usually, you’ll be able to notice these issues if your garage shakes, there are loud popping sounds, or the garage locks up while opening and closing. For these types of repairs, we always recommend that you call a professional. Here’s why.

The tension and suspension of your garage door is linked to the cables, the drum, and the track. If you attempt to make these repairs yourself, there’s no way to ensure proper safety. If a cable snaps, the tension is off, or the door is not properly calibrated for weight afterwards, the consequences can be severe.

This is a job for a professional. And while you have the professional there, make sure they conduct a full inspection of the springs and rollers too! These systems can also be broken and would require a professional to replace.

Garage Door, Service Door, or Door Frame Damage

Hire a professional? It depends.

For a busted overhead garage door, you will want to go through a garage professional. They will have the latest knowledge and access to quality garage materials and this sort of change would require the proper calibration of the garage door, which should be done by a professional.

However, for side service door repairs or door frame repairs, you can easily make these changes yourself! Depending on the extent of the damage, you may only need a few hand tools and some basic repair materials. For extensive damage that expands beyond the surface of the frame or the service door, you may want to get a professional’s opinion. They could recommend and execute a long-term solution or they can at the very least inspect for further damage and recommend the proper repairs.

General Maintenance and Tune-Ups

Hire a professional? It depends.

Keeping up with your garage can absolutely be a DIY! And is encouraged! Many people don’t give much thought to their garage maintenance needs, which is what leads to many of the service and repair calls to the professionals. However, getting yourself acquainted with how to properly care for your garage and the mechanisms in place that keep it functioning properly can really pay off!

Things to consider are:

  • Seasonal cleaning and lubricating of the springs
  • Visual inspection for rust and other damage in your cables, track, and opener
  • Basic interior and exterior upkeep of your garage surfaces to prevent weathering damage

These simple practices can set you up for success and to reduce your chances of a 911 garage service call. But these are also practices garage experts like JD Griffiths are happy to do. If you would prefer someone else is responsible for keeping everything up to snuff, a garage professional can provide these basic services, and usually for an affordable price.

Final Gut-Check

There are two key elements to any DIY success – confidence in your ability to complete the project having the proper tools tools to take on the job from start to finish. If you are uncertain of your abilities or the reliability of your tools, or even the reliability of the information you have access to, always call a professional service provider. Safety should be your No. 1 priority. Our trained experts can assure that the job is done effectively, safely, in a timely manner, and at an affordable price.

Need a tune up? Give J.D. Griffiths a call! We’d be happy to inspect and service your garage.