When is the Best Time of Year to Build a Garage?

The answer is now! But before you panic about financing and logistics, here are a few things to keep in mind once you decide to build or renovate a garage.

JD Griffiths garage concrete slab

Spring, Summer, and Fall

Spring, summer, and even fall are excellent times for a garage project. The simple fact is during spring, the weather is on your side. However, this is peak season for home renovations, so finding a garage builder or carpenter partner may be a challenge if you are hoping to turn the project around right away.

Factors and Timelines

It is best to plan your project either later in the year, like early or mid-fall, or even next spring or summer. The construction cycle can take several months and is dependent on many factors such as crew availability, material supplies, city permits, and bank financing approval for the homeowner. Setting expectations that a project like this might not happen right away, unlike an Amazon next-day delivery, will help you when you start to reach out to potential building partners. Take advantage of this built-in time to do your research, price everything out, ask questions, and get to know a garage builder.

In the Meantime

If waiting a full season or year doesn’t sit well with you, there are ways to spruce up an existing garage to add value and hold you over until a full renovation or rebuild is possible. These types of make-over projects typically cost less and can be completed on a quicker timeline. Things like installing a new door, replacing worn siding and roofing, or adding fresh paint or gutters to the exterior can extend the life of your garage while you work with your garage partner to plan for a full remodel.

Plan Ahead, Get Ahead

Either way, planning ahead is key! Thinking ahead a full year in advance may seem daunting, but for construction projects, it is recommended not only for the sake of your sanity (and wallet) but also to accommodate the construction cycle.

If you’re in a pinch and need a garage tune-up or you’re ready to plan for a garage project down the road, give us a call! We offer free quotes to make sure we have everything in place to make the garage of your dreams a reality, whenever it may be.