Bringing Panel Doors Back

For Your Garage and So Much More!

Styles and trends for your home, garage, and garden come and go, but some continuously make a comeback – like panel doors! This door type has always been a classic and versatile design choice for various parts of a house, including garages. These doors feature panels that can be raised or recessed and can add a touch of elegance and traditional charm to a home’s aesthetic.

panel door

Panel doors are once again making a resurgence (you heard it here first) as a stylish choice for garages and other areas of the house. This is likely due to a renewed interest in classic and timeless designs. Panel doors can work well in a variety of architectural styles, from traditional to modern properties. Here are a few reasons why we think panel doors are back and here to stay.

Timeless Appeal

Panel doors have a classic and timeless look that can fit well with different design themes, making them a safe choice that won’t go out of style quickly. Regardless of your home’s exterior material, panel garage doors offer a clean and simple look that’s easy to love for years to come.


These doors come in various panel configurations, allowing homeowners to choose the number and arrangement of panels to match their aesthetic preferences. Panel doors also look good with windows or accent hardware to give any garage a modern finish.

Texture and Depth

The raised or recessed panels create texture and depth, adding visual interest to both interior and exterior spaces. Not only are we seeing panel doors used more frequently for garages, but we are also seeing panel doors showing up throughout the interior of homes in various ways such as sliding doors, kitchen cabinets, patio entrances, and more.


Panel doors in any part of the home interior or exterior can be customized with different types of wood, finishes, and hardware, giving homeowners the flexibility to create a door that suits their unique vision. Panel doors can also be adapted to blend with modern design aesthetics. By combining traditional panel designs with sleek and minimalist hardware or paint colors, you can create a fusion of classic and contemporary styles.

Getting the Panel Look for Your Garage

Design trends can vary by region and personal preference, so it’s essential to consider what works best for your specific location and your personal tastes. If panel doors are indeed making a comeback, they could be a great option for adding character and sophistication to various areas of your home, including your garage.

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