Garage Hazards to Fix ASAP

Garage hazards can creep up on you, especially if your garage is a high-traffic place with a lot of coming and going. Before you know it, you could be dealing with a serious issue. While some things can certainly wait for your next available calendar opening, certain problems should be dealt with right away to prevent damage or serious injury. Here are the top garage hazards never to ignore and to fix as soon as possible.

First Things First – Identifying an Issue

Not all garage hazards are obvious. Taking the tip to “audit” your garage at least once a week will give you and your family peace of mind, ensuring that your garage is safe and well-maintained. Committing to keeping up with your garage space will prevent you from going blind to some of the most common garage safety hazards that can be found in any garage, including your own!

To help you identify any potential hazards or issues that need to be addressed, we recommend this 6-point check. Think of it like a rhyme: Up, Down, Inside-Out, Cables, Floors, Doors.

Once a week you should consider the state of your roof and attic (up) and the surrounding perimeter of your garage (down). Take into stock the safety and cleanliness of the inside and outside of your garage (inside-out), making sure things aren’t cluttered or dirty, which could lead to issues like mold or infestations. Check-in on all wires from electrical hook-ups to any technology in the garage (Cables). This also includes your garage door opening system. Consider the state of your flooring and entryway into the garage. Notice any cracks, spills, leaks, etc. (Floors). And finally, take stock of your service or entry door(s) and any overhead garage doors (Doors).

Running through a quick weekly check will help you keep up with your garage maintenance overall and can help you mitigate any potential garage safety risks. Now lets dive into what those risks and hazards are that you should be on the lookout for!

Top Garage Hazards

1. Electrical Issues

One of the most common safety hazards in garages is faulty wiring and improper electrical setups. This includes overloading outlets, using outdated electrical circuits, misusing extension cords, and making unsuitable lighting choices, such as using bulbs with incorrect wattage.

Older garages are prone to have more electrical issues. If you have had your garage for quite some time, it would be beneficial to audit your electrical systems. Addressing these issues can ultimately save you time and money on maintenance and repairs. More importantly, it is one of the most crucial safety measures you can take to prevent serious injury to yourself and your family.

Lucky for you, J.D. Griffiths offers garage tune-ups and service checks! If we notice any extensive electrical issues, we can help point you in the right direction for overhauling the setup in your garage. Start with a service call and we’ll help guide you from there! Call 414-362-7222

2. Clutter & Storage Issues

We’ve all experienced times when the garage becomes a “catch-all” for extra storage and clutter. While it may seem harmless, garage clutter is a top safety hazard for a reason. Allowing debris and miscellaneous items to accumulate not only prevents you from maximizing this space but also leads to more serious issues. In a garage with limited airflow and exposure to the elements, clutter can become a breeding ground for mold, mildew, infestations, and filth.

To combat this, make sure you are prioritizing garage cleanliness. Get your whole family involved in caring for your garage. Shared responsibility is one key element that can make this hazard vanish before your very eyes. Also, check out some of our top recommended functional garage storage ideas to ensure you’re getting the most out of your garage space.

3. Improper Liquid & Other Hazardous Materials Storage

Liquid and hazardous materials storage is a top hazard to resolve for many reasons. First, spills can be quite dangerous if not cleaned up properly. Second, many liquids such as paint, gas, cleaning solvents, lighter fluids, and more have specific storage guidelines to maximize these products but also to keep them stable and safe for you and your family to use. Improper storage of these products can lead to dangerous outcomes, like leaking combustible fluid or exposure to flammable or toxic vapors.

Other hazardous materials may include things like fertilizer, cleaning products, oil, soiled rags, sharp tools, or other equipment. Properly storing all hazardous items, products, materials, and liquids throughout your home and garage is highly recommended. Put these items out of reach of children and pets and make sure they remain clean and safe throughout their lifecycle.

4. Fall Risks

Ignoring the condition of your garage when it comes to what is on your floor is a common mistake many make that can lead to serious injury. Ensure any spills are quickly and properly cleaned up, all toys and equipment is properly stowed, and your floor remains intact with little to no cracks. One way to prevent wear and tear of your garage floor is to seal it with a floor coating to provide a smooth, attractive surface that also holds up against liquid, dirt, and general use.

5. Garage Damage

When a garage is damaged by an accident, weather, wear and tear, or other causes, it should be repaired immediately. Prompt repairs are essential not only to maintain the integrity of the garage but also to prevent further damage to its contents. Garages often house cars, bikes, lawnmowers, toys, tools, equipment, and storage items. Leaving these items exposed to the elements can lead to additional problems over time. If your garage experiences unfortunate damages, give J.D. Griffiths a call right away! We can help assess the severity of the damage and act accordingly to fix up your garage so it’s good as new!

6. Careless Garage Activities

General carelessness is a top garage hazard because it can show up in a number of ways that are quite unsafe. Examples can include but are not limited to smoking within the garage, storing a hot grill or even grilling in your garage, running a gas-powered motor for a long stretch of time within your garage, using toxic materials without proper ventilation, and more.

Before you transform your garage into whatever you need it to be, just be sure to think wisely! Generally, proceed with caution for anything involving extreme heat, extreme cold, gas, paint, strong cleaning products, or power equipment.

Next Steps – Awareness & Action

The first step to solving any problem is awareness. Getting honest with yourself and your family about the safety of your garage and home is key. Next, taking the proper action to safeguard you and your family from existing and future hazards will be just as important.

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