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A Door for Every Garage

The door is one of the most important elements of a garage. Here are some style inspirations to consider when looking for a new garage door.

Checklist: Preparing for Spring

Spring is here! With the exception of a few flurries in the forecast – typical Wisconsin – it’s time to start preparing your home, garage, and garden for more temperate weather! Here’s what we recommend.

Why this Summer is the Best Time to Invest in Your Garage

Living in the Midwest, it might be obvious why summer is the ideal time for a home improvement project. Along with the excellent weather and the vacation-like atmosphere that accompanies the summer season, summertime, especially right now, is the perfect time to invest in your dream garage makeover project. Here are 3 reasons why.

Common Garage Service Needs and How to Tackle Them

Even for the seasoned homeowner with years of experience tinkering and tuning their house, a garage service or repair can seem a little foreign. A quick YouTube How-To search could walk you through practically any do-it-yourself home improvement project. So why call a service provider? In this article we share some of the common garage service needs that arise and provide you with recommendations on how to best handle them.

How to Purchase a Garage in Three Steps

You made the decision to buy a garage, congratulations! But now what? How does the process for getting the garage of your dreams work? We are here to help! Below are the top three things to consider as you proceed with your purchase decision.

Your Home & Garage Winterizing Checklist

As the temperatures continue to drop, we wanted to share our winterizing checklist to help you prepare your home and garage for the harsh Wisconsin winter weather. Here’s what we recommend.

5 Ideas to Stylize Your Garage’s Interior

After budgeting, planning, building, and clean up, you’re the proud owner of a new, fancy garage! Now that this project is complete, the fun of tricking out your garage can begin. Here are our top recommendations on how to stylize and utilize your new garage interior.