Your Home and Garage Maintenance Checklist for Summer

Home Summer Maintenance

It’s staying lighter longer, and the temperatures are heating up! Meaning, the consistent summertime weather isn’t far behind. Hotter weather should be your cue to (finally) check off those outdoor project to-dos so you can feel confident entertaining company, keeping your family safe, and taking pride in your home. Here are our suggestions to get your home and garage into shape for the summertime season.

Treat Your Home for Fleas, Ticks, and Mosquitoes.

With blazing heat waves, comes pesky bugs and crawly critters due to increased moisture for breeding grounds. But it’s not just ponds or puddles that cause these infestations. Any form of collected water could be your source, including flowerpots and saucers, patio furniture, tarps, and kid toys. Even something as minuscule as a left-behind bottle cap. Stay ahead of the problem and empty any collected water. If serious enough, consider reaching out to an insect and pest control specialist to treat your lawn or purchase a lawn treatment spray from any home improvement store.

Clean Out Your Garage

If you have a jam-packed garage and find it difficult to park your car, take some time to organize and sift through your items. Sell or donate items you no longer use that are in good shape and toss any worn-out items if they’ve seen better days. For optimal storage, add wall mounts and shelving to keep things neat and off your garage floor.

Ensure Your Cooling System Runs Smoothly

Having your AC and ceiling fans break-in record heat temperatures would be a worst-case scenario. Avoid this by scheduling a cooling system inspection to make sure everything is working properly.

Seal Your Driveway and Garage Floor

After the harsh winter months of clearing your driveway of snow and applying salt to melt the ice, your concrete driveway and garage floor have probably taken a beating. Naturally, the concrete can crack due to the weather, settling, and day-to-day wear and tear.  As a preventative measure, be sure to apply a concrete sealant and garage floor epoxy. Both will increase the longevity of a replacement and maintain the integrity of your home.

Add Shade to Outdoor Seating

With warmer summer weather, there’s no doubt you’ll spend more time outside. On certain days, the heat can become unbearable, forcing you and others to retreat inside to the cold AC. Instead of roasting in the sun, add a free-standing umbrella or install a shade sail to block some rays. Consider planting trees as a long-term investment, while also helping the environment!

Clean Your Grill

Summertime is prime barbecue season! With holiday cookouts and outdoor entertaining, you’ll want to clean your grill thoroughly to remove old grease and food residue; the grill will work more efficiently while also preventing flare-ups. If your grill is gas-powered, don’t forget to check the tank or gas line for cracks and remove clogged burner holes.

Mulch and Update Your Landscaping

Update your home’s curb appeal with fresh mulch, shrubs, and flowers. Mulch is the secret to make your flower beds stand out; it’s great for added texture, keeping pesky weeds from poking through, and key to locking in nutrient-filled moisture for your plants’ health. Consider planting tall trees for additional privacy and vibrant flowers for a boost of color. It’s worth noting how great perennial flowers are; you’ll save yourself some time and money as they come back year after year.

Update Your Garage Look

If your garage seems a bit dated or you simply want to change things up, summer is optimal for garage remodels and maintenance. Want more natural lighting? Add some windows. Looking to spice things up? Paint the exterior a different color or consider another door style. Need direct access? Add a side entry door. The options are endless! Any partial or complete facelift will make your garage feel brand new again. For design ideas, check out our garage portfolio!

Chances are there are a few maintenance projects you’d like to finally check off your to-do list. Let June be the month to do so! With these 8 home and garage tips, we hope you feel inspired and have a better sense of direction on maintenance projects to work on this summer.

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