A Door for Every Garage

One of the most important elements of a garage is the door. The size, the material, the color, the style, the functionality – it all plays a key role in how your garage will look and ultimately how it will work. And let’s not forget that it can be a personal reflection of your style! With that in mind, why not have some fun with it! Here are some style inspirations to consider when looking for a new garage door.

Raised Panel

Raised Panel Garage Door

Raised Panel doors are a slick and smooth design option that can add more visual interest and dimension to your garage. These garage doors are characterized by their symmetrical raised rectangular panels and are a clean and classic garage look. Some offer the added visual elements of inset glass windows. If you’re looking for a simple and elegant garage door without a lot of busyness, this style is a great choice!

Recessed Panel

Recessed Panel Garage Door

Quite similar in style to a raised panel garage door, the recessed panel design offers a slightly different take on the clean and classic look of a garage door. Marked by the recessed symmetrical rectangular panels, recessed panel doors are chic, simple, and work well with most home styles. Much like the raised panel doors, they also come in many materials types and color choices so there are many affordable and beautiful options to choose from!

Carriage House

Carriage House Garage Door

Carriage House garage doors are typically referred to as the “barn door” style, with a distinctive, rustic look that can really stand out and add a nice touch to your home. These garage doors are typically preferred when paired with a craftsman or mission style home but more and more have been embraced in a variety of home styles across America. It ultimately comes down to your personal aesthetic and the home’s exterior. In certain areas of the community you may need to have the style of the garage and garage door approved by the city to remain within a certain style. Our garage experts are well versed in these permit processes and can help you decide on the best course of action should your neighborhood require this.


Contemporary Garage Door

This style of garage door, also known as full-view, adds a modern aesthetic to your home. Often styled with multiple large glass windows, clean straight lines, and monochrome colors, these garage doors are a premium choice on the market.

Custom Door

If you’re shopping around and can’t find an option that appeals to you, or you’d like a combination of styles, a custom garage door may be your best bet! This allows you and your garage partner to dream big and design a custom garage door that can make a statement and cater to your style preferences. A little bit of this, a little bit of that and in no time, you have your very own, unique garage door. The possibilities are endless.

When shopping for a garage door, keep the style and color of your home in mind. While a garage door can add dimension, visual interest, and flare, you want to make sure it fits with the overall look and feel of your home and garage’s exterior. Our garage experts can help you find the best garage door that fits your style, needs, and budget! Get a free quote today.