3 Clever Ways to Organize Your Garage

Anyone who owns a garage knows firsthand how quickly it can become cluttered and disorganized. Getting this issue under control can provide a lot of ease for you and your family, allowing your garage to be a space filled with good vibes instead of cluttered chaos. We all know the importance of cleaning and organizing your garage space, but here are a few ideas you might not have considered!

Check out our top 3 clever, affordable, and functional garage organization tips below:

1) Storage Plus

Garage Storage

Nearly every garage J.D. Griffiths has encountered (and we’ve encountered over +5,000 since we started in 1947) utilizes extra space for some sort of storage. But if you don’t have a cohesive approach, it can quickly get out of hand. Our advice? Unify your storage solutions. Invest in a clean and simple storage bin style and stick with it for EVERYTHING. You can get a variety of sizes but the important part here is that you keep things unified as much as possible. This, followed by a simple yet effective labeling system, will make your garage feel clean and clutter-free!

When considering storage options, you will also want to play around with shelving, utilizing floor, wall, and ceiling space. Having a mix of open and closed shelving can also provide some variety for the eye and ease of use for different items. Each garage is different and will have its own limitations or opportunities for space and storage, but spending the time and money to get it right will keep your garage in top shape for years to come.

For more storage tips, check out this quick guide.

2) Make it A Little Home-y

Make it Cozy

Even if your garage is not attached to your house, a great way to make your garage feel a little more put together is to create an entryway at the service door. Install hooks or shelving for gear and consider adding a boot bench and something aesthetically pleasing like a plant, throw pillows, a basket, or some wall décor, to warm up the space.

Another option is to bring in a little color and style. Don’t be afraid to decorate your garage a bit. If you use it as a workout space, consider hanging up motivational posters or adding some padded flooring to that area. Maybe even get a Bluetooth speaker system, rig up a TV, and even add a water cooler! If you use it as an extra entertainment space, you might want to add a mini or full-sized garage fridge, some rugs, plush throw seating like bean bags, and some movable TV trays, making it easy to host at the drop of a hat.

There are so many different ways to enhance the function and friendliness of your garage. Get creative and have fun with it!

3) Map Out Your Garage Areas

Map Out Your Garage

You don’t have to go all Captain Jack Sparrow on this and draw up a map, but you should create dedicated spaces for your garage’s various functions. If you have kids and keep their toys stored in the garage, carve out a space specifically for those things and don’t diverge. Make it playful in the design and how you use wall, ceiling, and floor space so that it remains clean and functional no matter what season we’re in. If you are handy and like to do projects, make sure your tools and workspace are set so everything returns to its home after a day of fixing things up.

However you utilize your garage, whether it’s a part-time gym, storage space, hobby hut, or a little bit of everything, take the time to establish these important spaces and communicate with the family on how the garage should be treated.

Getting Your Garage Right

There are so many simple ways to clean and organize your garage that don’t require a lot of time, money, or effort, but that leave lasting impressions. Consider these top 3 clever approaches and our quick guide to functional storage.

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