Discover Your Garage Style Personality

Take the quiz, set some goals, and identify your dream garage!

There are so many considerations to take into account when you are planning a new garage build or garage renovation project. From selecting color schemes to determining roof styles, size considerations, essential features, and staying ahead of the latest trends, the decisions seem endless. To help you set some goals and visualize the type of garage that your dreams are made of, we created a fun garage style personality quiz! It’s simple, easy, and takes less than 2 minutes to complete! Discover your garage style personality and talk with a J.D. Griffiths garage expert to make your vision come to life!

Trends in Garages & Garage Doors

Now that you know your garage style personality, here are some additional considerations to help you firm-up your new garage vision and set some attainable garage goals.

Smart Garages

With the continued advancements in technology, many homeowners are turning to enhanced garage technology features such as smart garage door openers, motion-sensor lights and cameras, surround-sound speaker systems, TVs, and wifi capabilities…and yes, all in the garage! Explore these exciting options as you plan your dream garage project with J.D. Griffiths!

Interesting Garage Doors

Garage doors are seen as the face of the garage, and often one of the first things someone sees when looking at your property from the curb. Many homeowners are exploring trends in garage doors that add a little more style, flair, and personality to their curb appeal. You may want to consider things like detailed panels, high-shine and carbon finishes, added detail, and even a pop of color. Talk through your options with a J.D. Griffiths garage expert when you get a FREE estimate!

Detached, Fully Furnished

While the garage first started as a space to park a car, over the past century it has evolved to be so much more than that. Today, many homeowners are opting for a detached garage that is completely finished and fully “furnished”, a sort of “man cave” or “she-shed” extension of the home. Garages have become a space for hosting gatherings, investing in a hobby, making memories with the kids (and all their toys), and of course, storing your car and other high-ticket items. Consider going “all-in” on the ultimate getaway garage! Talk with a J.D. Griffiths garage expert today to get a FREE estimate for your dream garage project!

No matter how big or small you wish your garage project to be, J.D. Griffiths is here to help make the project run as smoothly as possible by offering garage building and renovation services to bring your home’s exterior to life! Submit a form or give us a call to get a free quote today at 414-362-7222!

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