5 Garage Enhancements to Increase the Value of Your Home

The Progressive insurance commercials make a joke of it – sometimes when talking about your home projects, how you like to do lawn care, buying a new car, doing your taxes, or any sort of “adult behavior,” it can feel like you’re on your way to becoming your parents. Conversations about your garage are no different. Acknowledging that this is an adulting topic, we wanted to share some basic garage enhancements to increase the presentation and value of your home and help extend the integrity and functionality of your garage.

Garage Door Before and After Photos

A New Garage Door

This can especially make a difference if your garage door is old, damaged, or not working properly. However, sometimes a new door can just be a simple cosmetic change that can lighten up your curb appeal. A functional door is arguably the most important feature of a garage. If your garage door isn’t functioning properly it could lead to a whole mess of frustration. If you haven’t taken notice of the state of your garage door, we encourage you to do so. Most problems can be prevented with a little anticipation and knowledge of what to look for. Give J.D. Griffiths a call if you notice any of the following:

  • Your garage door is damaged. This could include weather wear-and-tear, dents, broken pieces, etc.
  • The springs on your garage are stiff, rusted, or they make a grinding sound. Springs should be properly maintained on a bi-annual basis.
  • You want a change. Perhaps you are sick of looking at the same old garage door and you want something different. Your garage could look brand new with just a simple door replacement, which is an affordable and quick solution.

A New Automated Garage Door Opener

Most garages nowadays have an automated garage door opening and closing system. But if you have an older garage and you’re sick of having to manually open and close the door, or your current garage door opening system is less than reliable, it may be time to explore options for a new garage door opening system. J.D. Griffiths proudly sells and services LiftMaster garage door openers. Talk with a J.D. Griffiths expert today to learn more about the variety of garage enhancements for door openings.

A Fresh Coat of Paint or Even Replacing Old Siding

Similar to your garage door, if your garage exterior needs a face lift, most of the time, a good power wash along with a fresh coat of paint will do the trick. In the event your siding needs to be replaced because it is damaged, weathered, or peeling, this can be the perfect opportunity to explore with our garage experts the various types of siding and colors available. We recommend matching the garage to the style of the home on the property, but there is always room for creativity!


Adding some basic landscaping around your garage and driveway can enhance the overall aesthetic of your home. It can be as simple as adding mulch or rocks around the base of your garage. More extravagant arrangements like flowerpots, shrubs, or small trees can also change the look of your lawn and garage.

Optimizing Space with Unique Storage Ideas

The prime purpose for most garages is to shelter cars from the elements. But garages are also heavily utilized for storage. If you have a smaller garage, this can be tricky. We recommend these forms of storage to optimize your garage space:

  • S hooks that screw into the beams of your garage can allow you to hang things like bicycles, weed-whackers, pool toys and equipment, lawn chairs, sleds, and various other home and lawn pieces, which can free up some floor space.
  • Slender shelving can easily fit and slide in on the back or the sides of the garage. This can allow you to stack things like lawnmower gas, tools, small bins, etc. on shelves so you don’t have to take up more floor space.
  • If you have access to the roof area above the beams, we recommend laying particle board or some other sort of flat surface to balance across the beams so you can store bins and boxes up above. If this is the route you go, be conscious of the weight of the storage items.

Feeling more and more like your parents? Start improving your garage today, just in time for fall! If your garage projects involve more heavy-duty work or you need assistance from an expert, request a free quote today! We’d be happy to help you update your detached garage!