Our Favorite Garage Builds of 2021

And just like that 2021 has come and gone. As the end of the year comes to a close, we wanted to reflect on our favorite custom garage builds and renovations from this past year. Here are our top 5. Which one is your favorite?

1. From Drab to Fab

This family wanted to expand the size of their garage from a one-door to a two-door, while also adding a side door entrance for easy access. With a more modern clean look and feel, this demo has certainly increased the property value for this home.

2. Revealing the True All-Star

While the days of playing basketball as a kid may have ended, J.D. Griffiths was able to find the true garage design winner for this family. For a more modern look and feel, the side paneling and garage door were color-matched to the exterior of the home to make the property look seamless.

3. Soaring to Higher Levels

For this garage, we had to send the birds south for the winter. J.D. Griffiths flipped this single car garage into a 2.5 car garage for added car space and storage. The process consisted of demolishing the original garage, pulling up the old cement, leveling the ground, pouring new pavement for the garage and driveway, and then building the new garage on top. All for a job well done!

4. Phoenix Rising from the Ashes

In the unfortunate event of getting caught in a fire, J.D. Griffiths was able to restore this garage to its former glory. The garage had to be completely torn down and built back up – good as new!

5. Just Some Added TLC

Over the years and due to natural deterioration, this garage needed a complete overhaul. To give the bones of the garage a stronger foundation, the garage was completely demolished. A new garage door, side paneling, roofing, and concrete were added for a refreshed look and feel.

We’re extremely thankful for your business this past year and wouldn’t be where we are without your continued support. We’re excited for 2022 and what the new year has to offer!

We’ve already started booking out for new garage builds and renovations in 2022. If you’re interested in a free quote or want to refer a friend, contact us today. We can’t wait to help make your garage dreams a reality!