2023 Summer Style Trends

for your home, garden, and garage

Summer is in full swing here in Wisconsin. If you’re looking to freshen up your property’s aesthetic this summer, it’s not too late to incorporate some of these hot and stylish trends into your home, garden, and garage. Let’s dive in!

Less is the New More – Adopt a “Scandi” Interior Style

The latest interior design trend making waves across the United States is the adoption of a minimalist style. Looking to the Scandinavian countries for inspiration, a minimal “scandi” interior design aesthetic is becoming a popular option for many homeowners this summer. Why? Not only is it more functional, but the minimalist style creates a better sense of peace, flow, and ease, which is aligned with how most people would like their summer schedules to feel. Having peace and harmony in your house in the form of simple, timeless, and clean décor can help create a better sense of relaxation for your family this summer.

Lean into Your Green Thumb with Lots of Home-Grown Florals

For avid gardeners, this summer’s top trend involves growing your own range of bouquet-worthy florals. This approach to your summer garden is fun, light, and creative, allowing property owners to play around with various floral colors, sizes, and shapes. Once your garden is in full bloom, harvesting a handful of bouquets to add to your new-found minimalistic interior style can help bring positivity, energy, and a oneness with nature into your home.

Farmhouse-Chic Applies to Your Garage Door, too!

Chip & Joanna Gaines of HGTV’s Fixer-Upper made the Farmhouse aesthetic popular back in 2015. Since then, a chic sophistication of this style has been adopted all over the country, not just down south. This popular appeal continues to be a sought-after style for many homeowners, focusing on neutral and white tones, panel and wood textures, black accents, and farm-like décor. In 2023, this style trend is expanding to the garage! One of the most popular garage door styles this summer is farmhouse-chic. This style works for various homes and garages, tying in clean white panel doors with simple black accents in the form of hinges and handles. Your home exterior doesn’t need to be as rustic as a traditional farmhouse or as modern as a new build for this look to work.

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Styling Your Home, Garden, and Garage

No matter what the trends are, investing in your home, garden, and garage will keep you satisfied and comfortable in your house for years to come AND help raise your property’s value if you find yourself in the market to sell. Finding quality partners like J.D. Griffiths who can help you bring your style and vision to life while providing excellent services and products is key to getting the most out of your investment. Explore garage door, garage renovations, or new garage build options with J.D. Griffiths today!