Your Midwest Home Project Checklist

Beat the mid-winter blues with our spring-ready home checklist!

The great state of Wisconsin provides us locals with many wonderful attributes: beautiful summers, great agriculture, outdoor recreational opportunities, Summerfest, the Green Bay Packers…we could go on and on. Despite its undeniable charm, there’s one season that tests our resilience: a true Wisconsin winter.

Though February may be the shortest month on the calendar, the continued cold weather can sometimes make it feel like the longest. One effective remedy we’ve discovered is to start planning for spring – envisioning the blooming flowers, the warmth of the sun, and the countless opportunities to enhance your home. At J.D. Griffiths, while our expertise centers around garages, we understand that a truly functional and appealing property extends beyond the garage doors. After all, what good is a garage without a well-maintained property from top to bottom?

Take advantage of our spring-prep guide to improve your home, garden, garage, and mood!

Around the Home

Tackle the often overlooked areas in your home that tend to accumulate clutter. Think under the kitchen and bathroom sinks, the laundry room, linen closets, bedroom closets, nightstand drawers, medicine cabinets, kitchen junk drawers, and coffee table cabinets. These spaces often become magnets for unwanted items, contributing to a sense of overwhelm and exacerbating the “blues.” Give each nook and cranny a nice clean refresh, purging unwanted clutter and organizing each space in a way that is functional and maintainable throughout the next season.

Another great spot to organize and “prep” is the pantry. Conduct an inventory of nonperishable items, identifying those that have overstayed their welcome. Additionally, consider crafting something delicious with the ingredients you uncover, a delightful way to uplift your spirits and add a flavorful boost to your mood.

With icy roads and school cancellations, you’re likely stuck at home at least a few days in the winter. To make the most of this time indoors and ensure your living space looks and functions at its best, consider engaging in a thorough deep cleaning session. This can include tasks such as dusting (ceiling fans, baseboard, and all), washing walls and cabinets, vacuuming, sweeping, and mopping! Declutter by removing any unwanted items and, for an extra touch, consider getting creative with a furniture rearrangement. This not only refreshes your surroundings but also offers a new perspective on your living space.

Around the Garden or Lawn

Winter weather can be brutal to our lawns and gardens. If heavy snow, winds, or ice have damaged any trees, bushes, or other plants, it’s important to take the time to evaluate the damage and clear the debris promptly.

For those with a “green thumb”, kick-start your spring garden by nurturing bulbs or seeds indoors! This will not only get you excited for the approaching season, but provide a head start for the growing cycle, which is especially crucial in Wisconsin’s short and unpredictable seasons!

An added bonus? Plants can have a calming and enriching appeal to them, offsetting the pesky “February Blues”!

Around the Garage

Getting your garage tuned up is a great way to kick off your Spring to-do list. You can book a service check and tune-up, even if the temps are low. Talk to our team today to learn more!

Another thing you can do to help your garage prepare for Spring is assess any damages or opportunities for improvements. Some damage could be causing other issues in your garage, so it’s important to get a good grip on the issue and find the right professionals to tackle the job. Spring is such a busy time for contract services like garage builders, so getting on the calendar now is a huge advantage!

The harsh winter conditions tend to bring a significant amount of precipitation, dirt, and salt into your garage. Although it might be a bit chilly, dedicating some time to tidy up the space will pay off in the long run. When dealing with such issues, compressed air becomes your best ally, offering similar benefits to power or pressure washing without the additional water. It’s a practical alternative that proves highly effective in maintaining the cleanliness of your garage.

Give Yourself Something to Look Forward To

While incorporating these tips and tasks into your routine will undoubtedly assist in overcoming the “Midwinter Blues”, there’s truly nothing quite like the anticipation and planning of an exciting project. Consider embarking on the perfect venture: remodeling or constructing a new garage! It’s affordable, customizable, and achievable THIS YEAR!!!

We’re filling our calendar with exciting garage projects around the Greater Milwaukee area that will kick off as early as March! But don’t wait! Get your FREE estimate and learn more about what a garage project this year could look like for you! Find inspiration and excitement (and perhaps the ultimate remedy for your “Midwinter Blues”) by talking with a J.D. Griffiths garage expert today.