Why this Summer is the Best Time to Invest in Your Garage

Garage makeover? Yes, please! Living in the Midwest, it might be obvious why summer is the ideal time for a home improvement project. Along with the excellent weather and the vacation-like atmosphere that accompanies the summer season, summertime, especially right now, is the perfect time to invest in your dream garage makeover project. Here are 3 reasons why.

White detached garage in Milwaukee, WI

Optimal time before the snow falls.

Yes, it is obvious but also true! Now that it is the end of July, it will not be long until the frost, then the snow, settles in for a long Wisconsin winter. If your garage is worn down, in need of repairs or a new door, has issues with the roof, has damaged siding, or isn’t winterized for the type of storage you’d like to keep in it, bitter temperatures and harsh snowfalls can be detrimental and can lead to a more expensive renovation down the road. By investing in a renovation now, you will get ahead of the potential damage of this winter and future winters that we all know will come.

You are not investing in traveling, so invest in your home.

A huge trend of home improvement projects has swept the nation. With the COVID-19 pandemic dragging on into late 2020, many people have come to terms with the fact that travel plans and vacations are on an indefinite pause. While some workers have returned to their place of business, others are still plugging away from the comfort of their homes. Spending longer amounts of time in your home and around your house, perhaps even in your garage or garden, may inspire you to invest more of your capital in this space. Afterall, you are not going anywhere for a while so why not enhance the space where you are spending most of your time? With so many uncertainties in the world right now, secure the certainty of equity in your home.

Interest Rates are low.

For those needing to take out home equity loans or lines of credit for a project like this, now is the ideal time because interest rates are very reasonable. Lingering for several months now between 2.7-4.25%, interest rates like this can make a big-ticket project more feasible because of the money you will save. Cost can be a big deterrent for many people wanting to do a home renovation project such as a garage makeover. J.D. Griffiths offers competitive pricing to begin with, and with interest rates where they are, it might just be time to commit.

A $6,995 makeover may look like this:

Garage Entry Doors

Vinyl Siding

Roof Shingles

Cosmetic Carpentry Repair

A $3,995 makeover may look like this:

Garage Door Only

Vinyl Siding

> New Gutters & Trim

While a garage makeover project can certainly take place during other times of the year, here in the Midwest the summer months are most ideal. Given how 2020 has gone thus far, you might find great joy in something as simple as fresh siding or a new garage door. Or this may be the time to go for a full garage makeover. Take advantage of the warm weather, time and investment in your home, and low interest rates. Request a free garage makeover quote today.