Checklist: Preparing for Spring

Spring is here! With the exception of a few flurries in the forecast – typical Wisconsin – it’s time to start preparing your home, garage, and garden for more temperate weather! Here’s what we recommend.

Spring Garage Service Door

Turn on all external water lines

Consistent temperatures above freezing means that water hoses or any other plumbing you may have that is exposed to the exterior of your home can be safely turned on and put to use! Perfect for early spring gardening.

Clean out your gutters…again

This may seem like a redundant task if you completed this in the fall. However, you’ll thank us for reminding you to double check these channels as winter debris can easily find its way into your gutters. Clearing your gutters frequently can prevent damage and optimize water flowage.

Rake your yard and turn your soil

The melting snow may have uncovered an untamed lawn. A little spring cleaning by way of raking and fertilizing could set your yard up for a summer of success, especially since the ground is still wet from the precipitation. If you have a garden, you may want to turn your soil as well, clear old or dead plants, and start preparations for spring planting.

Inspect the exterior of your home and garage

Winter can take a toll on your property. It’s a good habit to walk the exterior of your property and check for weathering, damage, cracks, or weaknesses in the materials of your home and garage. It’s better to be proactive about your home and garage maintenance needs than to wait for more drastic damages to occur.

Fix or replace garage door weather-stripping

Weather-stripping creates a seal between the garage door and the garage opening. You’ll want to make sure this material is working properly to help keep your garage protected from weather changes, including extreme temperatures and moisture.

Replace damaged garage and service doors

If your garage door or the side service door is damaged in any way (accidents happen!), the spring and summer is the perfect time to repair them! Replacing your garage doors can make a huge difference for the longevity of your garage and everything you keep inside of it.

Schedule a garage inspection

To make sure all of the materials and parts of your garage door opening system are safe and working correctly, we advise that you have a professional perform a courtesy check of your garage. They will make recommendations on repairs or better yet, give the “all clear” that everything is safe! This is especially important if you have small children who utilize the garage for recreational activities like riding bikes, shooting hoops, or entertaining friends throughout the spring and summer. Safety is key.

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Pull out the patio furniture!

The season for barbequing is upon us. If you have a patio or backyard space, you can start pulling out the seating and cushions for outdoor entertaining. Memorial Day will be here before you know it, so why not get a jump on getting everything set and ready.

Uncover your air conditioning unit

We advise that you cover your air conditioning unit for the winter months. But now that it’s spring, go ahead and remove the cover or tarp so that when it’s time to switch on the A/C unit, you’ll be ready.

Power wash your exterior

Winter can leave the exterior of your home and garage a little dingy. Power washing it can break down dirt, salt, and grime that may have collected on your siding throughout winter. This can give your home a fresh glow and enhanced curb appeal. If you do not own a power washer, you may be able to rent one at your local hardware store.

Put away your winter and snow removal equipment

If you own a snow blower or any other snow removal equipment, the month of April is a good time to empty out any remaining gas in the tank or remove the plow attachment from your truck, and store until next winter. Keep your shovels and salt on hand through the end of April just in case there’s a dusting of snow or a cold front. Wisconsinites know better than anyone not to have snow removal equipment too far out of reach too early in the season.

While there are many ways to prepare your home, garden, and garage for the spring, these 11 tips will get you on the right track to increasing the lifespan of your home and its belongings as well as giving you and your home a fresh, clean start to warmer weather!

For assistance with garage door maintenance, or for a garage renovation or new build quote, give J.D. Griffiths a call! We’ll help you get the most out of your garage this spring and summer season!