How a Garage Can Improve Your Property Value

Improve Property Value

Whether you’re looking to sell your home or improve its value, your home’s exterior is a big factor. Added features to a home such as windows, doors, siding, and even garages help add practical, functional, and aesthetic value. Although garages are often an overlooked feature to update because of their longevity, a new or renovated garage could make a significant impact on your home’s curb appeal and overall property value. Here are four reasons why you should update your garage.

1.Boost Curb Appeal

First impressions make all the difference, and the first thing people notice about a home is its exterior. Even if a garage is in good working condition, the style of a garage could make the home feel dated and neglected. An updated and working garage shows you care about your home and its appearance. Plus, it gives a little insight into what the interior of the home might look like. Even just replacing the door on your garage could make a drastic improvement. Simple updates like this are cost-effective and powerful.

2. Added Living, Storage, or Entertainment Space

The surprise of a finished garage can sway an apprehensive buyer to make an offer on a home. Installing insulation, drywall, lighting, or storage as an added touch to a garage can drastically improve the functionality and livability of the space. Just like you would stage your house, don’t forget to stage your garage as it can paint a better picture of what it could look like when the new family moves in.

3. Off-Street Parking and Protection

A big selling feature of a home is having a functional garage to shelter your cars from the weather – especially snowy days in the peak of Midwest winter. The ability to park off-street on your property and walk right into your home knowing your car is safe is an added benefit many take for granted. Today, it’s expected for a home to come with a garage, and if it doesn’t, it could steer people away from buying your home and could greatly bring down your property value. An investment in a new garage on your property could elevate your home above all others when trying to sell.

4. Reliable Operation and Updated Safety Features

While garages can last many years, over time they naturally wear down from daily use. Rather than repair your garage operating system every few months with little DIY patch jobs consider modernizing your garage technology for a more cost-effective solution. Updating your opener and having a professional come in to do a tune-up to make sure your springs and cables are all functioning properly can keep you and your belongings safe while providing an updated service to your garage. Proper maintenance is key to keeping the value of your property flourishing!

J.D. Griffiths understands the value a garage can add to a home’s property. If you’d like to repair or update your garage to improve your property value, J.D. Griffiths’ garage experts can help! We have over 70+ years of experience installing and servicing garages in the greater Milwaukee area. If you’d like to learn more about our garage estimates and services, request a quote today.