Double Door or Single Door?

Pros & Cons to Both Designs

Property renovations are always an exciting time, the home becomes a blank canvas with you as the artist. However, with the newfound creative freedom comes the stress of decision making, including the highly debated topic every homeowner faces at some point: single door vs. double door garage. If this is a conversation that is causing turmoil in your household, J.D. Griffiths is here to help. Take a look at our list of pros and cons for each style to determine the best solution for your home.

What is a One Double Garage Door?

A double garage door is basically two doors merged into one. This means instead of having a divider in between two smaller doors, it is one big door with the standard size being about 16×7 ft long. Here are the pros and cons of this style for you to consider:

Pro #1 – Price

Because a double garage door operates on one track, homeowners are able to save money when it comes to installation costs. Additionally, you only need to purchase one garage opener. If price is your ultimate deciding factor, a double garage door is the option for you.

Pro #2 – Space

Choosing this style door saves you a ton of space, a factor that may be especially appealing to homeowners who utilize their garage for projects or storage. The spaciousness of this style also makes it best suited for families with children to shuffle in and out of the car or for elderly folks with limited mobility.

Con #1 – Malfunction

While there are benefits to having one double garage door, a major downside to this style occurs if the door happens to malfunction. Unlike two single doors, there is only one option to get your vehicle in and out. If the door fails to open for one reason or another, you are left with no alternative but to wait for it to be repaired. You could say double trouble applies in this situation.

Con #2 – Heating

It’s been shown that a double garage door is more prone to let air in during the cold winter months. As Midwesterners, this could become a substantial decision-making factor when considering the cost of your heating bills.

What About a Two Single Garage Door?

This design is pretty self-explanatory as it consists of two separate garage doors that operate independently: two sets of tracks and two individual openers. Let’s go over the main pros and cons of this option.

Pro #1 – Aesthetic

If you read our recent blog, 7 Ways to Refresh Your Home’s Curb Appeal, you know that symmetry can do wonders for your exterior image AND your home value! Picking a two single door garage results in a symmetrical look and does just the trick!

Pro #2 – Accessibility

Because this style garage has two separate doors, it provides versatility in the case of a malfunction. This means you can worry less about losing access to the garage or being unable to get out before repairs are possible, which can save you a lot of stress!

Con #1 – Expensive

Opting for two single doors is the more expensive choice due to the installation of two separate tracks and an automatic opener. Additionally, if you consider repairs or maintenance, you will pay to fix not only one but TWO doors if both happen to break down.

Con #2 – Storage

Because the single doors are small, this option isn’t very realistic or suitable towards larger vehicles or anything proportionately big, like a boat for instance. If storage or space is of high importance to you, a double door garage may be your best alternative.

Still having a hard time deciding? Contact J.D. Griffiths to discuss your ideas or take a deep dive into our portfolio! Whatever style you choose, we can ensure that the project will be executed flawlessly by our team of garage professionals, so you can be confident in the choice you made. Stop stressing and call us for a free garage quote today!