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Everything You Need to Finish Your Garage (Besides the Actual Garage!)

There are so many moving parts, finishing touches, and decisions to be made when it comes to any home improvement project. Homeowners looking to invest in a garage project can find ease and comfort when working with a garage expert, like J.D. Griffiths, that can deliver above and beyond project expectations. While J.D. Griffiths is here to address all of your garage needs, a project like this doesn’t necessarily end when the building is finished. To help you plan the full project down to every final detail, inside and out, here’s our list of everything you need to finish your garage – aside from the actual garage!

First Thing’s First – What’s Included in a J.D. Griffiths Garage Project?

Before we can share our list of all of the things to consider to finalize your garage project, we want to share what you can expect when working with J.D. Griffiths. Most garage contracts will include the basics for your garage such as permitting, surveying, and construction of your new garage project. In addition, things like demolition (of existing structures, if applicable), concrete pouring (if applicable), building materials, siding, roofing, windows, garage door, service door(s), electrical wiring, the door opening mechanism, and of course labor fees will be included in the free estimate.

To get a better idea of what this process from start to finish could look like when working with J.D. Griffiths, check out this blog article!

What’s Not (Typically) Included?

There are a few things that are not necessarily included in every garage project, or they are services J.D. Griffiths does not provide but can help you explore. Here’s our list of “extras” to consider to finish out your garage:


Oddly enough, this is one of the top finishings that is overlooked by homeowners. Gutters are recommended to steer water flowage away from the foundation of the garage structure. This added feature will help preserve and extend the life of your garage materials and any surrounding concrete or landscaping. A contractor that specializes in roofing and gutters should be considered.


Not all garages need additional landscaping around the structure. However, this is something we recommend looking into if you are demolishing an old structure and/or moving the location of your garage. It does not have to be anything elaborate (unless you want it to be!) but lining up a landscaper to seamlessly finish off the surrounding property can really help enhance your curb appeal and make your new garage pop!

Interior Insulation and/or Drywalling

The inside of your garage is an exciting canvas for you to dream big with! While many homeowners are looking to simply shelter their car(s) from Wisconsin weather, others take it a step further and plan to optimize their garage space for multiple purposes. Investing in finishing off the interior of your garage with insulation, drywall, paint, and other features can really increase the value and expand the possibilities of your garage.

Interior Garage Design/Finishing

To take it a step further, an interior garage design proves to be a nice touch that adds flare to your space! Things to consider would be finishing or sealing the floors, painting, workstation(s), shelving, storage, entertainment, furnishings, and more.


A big benefit to having a garage is the storage possibilities! While J.D. Griffiths constructs garages to optimize this feature, we don’t necessarily build it in. This would be something the homeowner would take on themselves or wrap into their garage interior design plan. Not all storage solutions are built-in ones either. You can always opt for basic storage solutions that do not need any additional construction.

Next Steps

J.D. Griffiths is here to help make this process exciting, easy, affordable, and efficient! While we may not have our hands in all the final details, we will certainly work with you to find the right partner to finalize the embellishments of your garage to meet your needs and desires. It all starts with your vision! And then a call to J.D. Griffiths to get a free quote. Start your garage project planning with us today, 414-362-7222.

J.D. Griffiths has proudly served the greater Milwaukee area since 1947, building our reputation as the premiere detached garage and garage door experts. Check out more resources, examples, and information on our garage builds, renovations, door installation, and service jobs to learn more.