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Garage Sale Season Safety Tips

It’s summer in Wisconsin which means Garage Sale Season is in full swing! If you’re hosting a garage sale yourself, here are some safety tips for navigating garage sales.


Common Garage Hazards to Fix ASAP

Garage hazards can creep up on you especially if your garage is a high-traffic place with a lot of coming and going. Before you know it, you could be dealing with a serious issue. While some things can certainly wait for your next available calendar opening, certain problems should be dealt with right away to prevent damage or serious injury. Here are the top garage hazards never to ignore and to fix as soon as possible (ASAP).


Gardening in Wisconsin to Boost Your Curb Appeal

Being a “green thumb” in Wisconsin may come with some trial and error as you navigate the changing climate, soil, and shifting seasons. If you’re out to spruce up your landscaping and curb appeal, here are our best tips for that type of gardening.


3 Clever Ways to Organize Your Garage

We all know the importance of cleaning and organizing your garage space, but here are a few ideas you might not have considered! Check out our top 3 clever, affordable, and functional garage organization tips.


Discover Your Garage Style Personality: Take the Quiz

To help you set some goals and visualize the type of garage that your dreams are made of, we created a fun garage style personality quiz! It’s simple, easy, and takes less than 2 minutes to complete! Discover your garage style personality and talk with a J.D. Griffiths garage expert to make your vision come to life!


Garage History Lesson 101

Believe it or not, home garages have only been around for just over 100 years. So what turn of events led to the residential garage structure going from a new idea to a luxury to a sought-after home asset? Let’s dive into the history, shall we?

Our Favorite Garage Builds of 2023

As we bid farewell to another year, it’s only fitting to highlight some of the standout garage projects that made 2023 truly remarkable! Amidst so many exceptional new builds and renovations during the 2022 season, these top 5 projects captured our attention. Care to share which one is your personal favorite?